Access Center is a non-profit organization helping underserved children and youth in Metro Manila

Why did we start Access Center?

After our team of missionaries arrived in Metro Manila in 2019, we came to realize the immense hardships that children and youth typically face.

"1 out of 4 children in the Philippines have been victims of human sex trafficking. Living in poverty increases their risk. The Philippines ranks highest in the world for online sexual exploitation. Traffickers are often parents or relatives who are desperate for income." (UNICEF, 2023)

Our vision at Access Center is to help underserved families by giving their children access to resources that they otherwise would not have. By providing a safe facility, free of charge, kids can learn skills that may greatly enhance their economic mobility. Most importantly, we will teach them about their dignity in Christ Jesus, and discover their greater purpose through the Gospel.

Our team


With a background in business finance and having grown up in a developing community with limited access to basic educational supplies, David builds relationships with our key investors and partners.


With a masters degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as strong ties to some of our most important communities, Natacha is influential in shaping our education policies, proposals, and fundraising rounds.

Access Center is able to be free of charge to children because of donors who believe that all children deserve dignity and need a hope for their future. We invite you to prayerfully consider how you can help these children through reducing the impact of poverty in their lives.